[Technology] ARDVARC® 4.0

image FLANDERS has achieved another world first with ARDVARC 4.0, the first fully automated multi-pass drill rig that also incorporates the world’s first autonomous angle drill implementation.

Serving as the base system for all ARDVARC systems, this state of the art technology features:


  • Multi-pass and semi-pass automation
  • Unprecedented drill hole and hole angle accuracy (.5 meters on X and Y axes, +/- 1 degree on hole angle)
  • Automatic drill string adding (2.1 minutes) and racking (3.3 minutes)
  • New Human/Machine Interface (HMI)
  • New data collection
  • New FLANDERS designed modular system hardware

These enhancements will improve coal operations ability to cast blast overburden shots without interrupting coal seam integrity, thereby reducing the need for production dozing and improving dragline/shovel productivity.

In addition, all mining segments will benefit from the modular hardware design which reduces the time to install the equipment and improves line of sight issues commonly associated with the previous hardware kits.

ARDVARC 4.0 Benefits

  • Productivity gains at all operator experience levels, especially the less skilled
  • More real-time capabilities give operator live dashboards of utilization and performance data and statistics
  • Reduced machine wear and tear
  • Extended drill string component life
  • Reduced cost for on-site personnel
  • Complete operator safety in collapse-prone drilling situations
  • Improved shovel/dragline productivity and availability

Blast Hole Drill Automation


By automating the drilling process itself—anywhere from operator-initiated to complete autonomous operation—ARDVARC delivers significant improvements in productivity, safety, fragmentation predictability, and machine life cycle management.

The open architecture system is completely compatible with every drilling rig on the market to standardize mixed fleets, and revolutionizes blast hole drilling by utilizing:

  • GPS-guided blast hole location coordinated via wireless ne
  • Intuitive web-based pattern loading interface
  • The FLANDERS Index which provides foot-by-foot ground hardness data
  • Ability to drill during blasting operations
  • Machine protection via adjustable operating parameters
  • Real-time machine health monitoring and alerts
  • Customized data collection and reporting

Choose Your ARDVARC® System Three Levels of Auto

ARDVARC® Intelli-Rig Complete Data System

The ARDVARC Intelli-Rig System delivers superior data on blast hole positioning, drilling conditions, and machine operation, thereby increasing fragmentation predictability, without machine automation:

  • GPS blast hole positioning
  • Microsoft SQL database- stored drilling and event data collection
  • Easily access three production tables and three event log tables via any standard data reporting tool
  • View production data by shift totals, single hole production records, and single hole foot- by-foot record
  • View event data via a fault and alarm table, a machine status table, and a detailed machine status table


One-Touch Drill System

Our most widely selected option, the One-Touch Drill System, converts your manual machine to a “one-

touch” drilling machine, allowing you to realize productivity gains up to 68% over manual drilling.

  • Machine operator positions the machine over the desired target
  • One touch on the 15” daylight readable touch screen initiates the drilling process
  • Drill automation system levels the machine, collars the hole, and drills to the desired depth
  • Bit retracts and jacks reset in preparation for the next propel cycle

ARDVARC® Auto Propel:

Truly Autonomous Operation

The only fully-automated drilling solution on the market today, ARDVARC Auto Propel has drilled more than one million holes without human interaction. Auto Propel allows the operator to monitor from a safe distance and offers:

  • Accurate, precise autonomous machine positioning on the design blast hole
  • Fully automated hole drilling
  • Safety monitoring of the surrounding area for obstacles and hazards using the FLANDERS HazCam 3D imaging system
  • Productivity gains up to 30% simply by reducing machine down time due to blasting operations and shift changes
  • Automated rod handling
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